Save money on Senior Pictures here!

Budgeting for Senior Pictures:

Setting a budget before you search for a Senior Photography Studio will help avoid disappointments in the future. You don't want to get your son or daughter pumped up about going to "Ultra Way Cool Senior Picture Studio" if you can only afford "Mr. Affordable Senior Picture Guy".

If you only wish to spend $100, GOOD LUCK! There are almost zero professional photographers out there where you can get that kind of price and get more than a couple 5x7's and/or some blurry images on CD. Here are some of our suggestions:

1. Be realistic. Depending on your market, professional senior pictures will end up costing between $400 and $2500. (If this isn't within your budget. Skip all the following suggestions and buy from the yearbook company that comes to the school. That will most likely be your best bet to get the most number of prints for your dollar. Do not copy or make reproductions of your Senior PIctures without permission. That is illegal and you may be subject to very high fines and possibly jail. Visit the federal government's website for more on federal copyright law.

CUSTOM SEARCH to do a quick search of photography studios that may work for you.
We'll be happy to give you our quick opinion, but you should ultimately visit the studio and ask questions to the staff directly to see where your comfort level is with them.

3. Don't call around. You'll most likely get misinformation over the phone from a staff member who gets a bonus for signing you up. Make a point to visit the studio or photographer in person. Make an appointment first. If you do find a "faux-tographer" who doesn't have a business location, make sure you meet with them in a public place like a local coffee shop or restaurant before you sign up or give them your credit card info. Don't be afraid to say "No, thank you!" and walk away if you feel like this person isn't for you.


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