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What's good enough for a Senior Picture... really?

You’re only a Senior once. So why do today’s high school students settle for cut-rate photographs when it comes to their senior pictures? Senior portrait photography was at one time reserved for only skilled and well qualified photographers. The advent and proliferation of digital consumer-based cameras, "photographers" (we’ll refer to them sometimes as “faux-tographers”) have sprouted up in nearly every neighborhood in the northern hemisphere. Seniors and parents should be wary of who they choose to create their senior portraits. The friend of a friend with a nice camera may not be a better choice in the big scheme of things.


I want to know... what are the real differences in Senior Picture Photographers? Is it better to stick with a Professional or try a Non-Professional?

Professionals are trained artists who earn their living taking Senior Pictures.  These senior picture photographers have invested in degrees specializing in portrait photography or have extensively participated in independent studies with accredited photography organizations, such as PPA (Professional Photographers of America).  The best Senior Photographers attend (and some even teach) photography classes in their area or around the country. Professional Photographers own a studio location outside of their main residence.  Many should have both indoor and outdoor locations to photograph Seniors.  They own or create their own professional backgrounds and props.

Non-Professional “faux-tographers” are those who have started a “side business” to supplement their regular income by taking senior pictures. These persons usually have nothing more invested than a camera and a web site gallery. Their options for scenes is only  to use public areas and parks. It is rare to find someone like this who owns props or have the ability to create specialty scenes. Simply, they are people who can afford a camera, but carry on without any type of training or unique property.


I’ve seen lots of outdoor pictures. You don’t really need a Professional Photographer to take good Senior Pictures outdoors do you?

Professional Senior Photographers know how and most importantly know when to use lighting to create effects like dramatic, traditional, glamour and experimental in a flattering way so the subject gets a variety of images. The use of professional lighting equipment along with training and experience will make a noticeable difference in the quality and satisfaction with your senior pictures. The eyes say it all, that’s where you see the real difference!
The Non-Professional or Amateur Photographer will not know how to use light correctly on a person’s face - in fact, they usually do the worst things possible. They read about how to do it on Yahoo! Answers or any other Do-it-Yourself guide, but true craftsmanship has to be developed, not crammed in an all-nighter just before the appointment. The lack of professional equipment also limits their ability to provide quality digital exposures, resulting is blurry, poorly framed, or “washed out” images.


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