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New for the Senior Class of 2015!

Senior Picture Sample Galleries: Girls and Guys.

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Girl Senior Picture Sample Gallery here. Good ideas of poses for female Seniors.

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Guy Senior Picture Sample Gallery here. Good ideas of poses for male Seniors.

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Senior Pictures - a Free Senior Picture Ideas and Tips website.

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This site is about you and we want to help you make your experience the best it can be. Your son or daughter will only be a High School Senior once and their Senior Pictures should be a priority in remembering that time in their lives. Many studies have shown that better photographs enhance the students self-esteem as well and make them more assured and confident.  Not everyone is a supermodel, but EVERYONE has beauty that is their own. A real professional photographer should bring those qualities out in EVERY student they photograph. By following our Senior Picture Budget Tips, Senior Picture Outfit Suggestions, and shopping out affiliates for senior picture items, you'll gain the edge on bringing a better level of service and senior picture professionalism to your Senior's photography experience.

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Editor's Note:
Our site, Senior Pictures Online, is intended as an aid for High School Seniors and their parents in finding out the secrets of the high school senior picture tradition. We help seniors think about how to prepare for their senior picture appointment, find clothing, give tips on hair and makeup, teach parents about how to properly
budget for your senior picture package and order. We'll help make searching for professional senior picture photographers and studios better with those we'll frequently post to our Senior Picture Links page. By "Professional High School Senior Photographer" we mean studios or individuals who shoot more than 150 Seniors per year and are employed full-time as a Senior Photographer (NOT the neighborhood Mom who's only getting in to senior photography just to make some extra money on the side!) This also includes photographers who specialize in Senior, Family, Children, or Wedding photography being their sole livelihood. We will be adding studios on a per request basis for new friends and affiliates to our Senior Picture Links page, and we do have some "old friends" who we will re-post for the 2014 season once their new websites and prices have been updated.
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