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Quick, Free! Senior Picture outfit Tips from Senior Pictures Online:

Senior Picture Ideas: How to make the best outfit choices.

Outfits for Senior Pictures Idea #1: Wear the clothes you like and you are comfortable wearing for your Senior Pictures. If you have to wear an outfit to please your parent/grandparent, make sure you wear another outfit that's YOU. For example, If you never would wear khaki pants with a denim shirt, then you definitely won't like to see pictures of yourself wearing them.

Outfits for Senior Pictures Idea #2: Girls: Don't forget your camisoles! That's the one simple item that can make-or-break the outfit.

Outfits for Senior Pictures Idea #3: Guys: Don't forget your dress shoes! It will be impossible to take full length poses in your suit without them. Shop here for

Outfits for Senior Pictures Idea #4: Guys: Belts. Belts. Belts. Every outfit could benefit from the appropriate belt style. Tradition dictates the color of belt should match the shoes. But, hey! We're not living in 1959...

Outfits for Senior Pictures Idea #5: If you wish to wear an outfit that compliments your school spirit, be sure you have your uniform, trophies, or equipment reserved with the school or coach. For example, if you wish to be photographed in your high school soccer jersey with a trophy and soccer ball, make arrangements with the coach to get the current year's uniform and all props checked out prior to your appointment. Return it to the school/coach in a promptly after being photographed so others in your senior class can use them for their pictures, too. - Shop Now!

Example: How to choose a better pose.

Senior Pictures Online
Pose Choice Tip:

Which picture pose would I choose?
Left: Says "Welcome to the Gun Show!" Not a good choice for a girl's senior picture pose. We feel it makes the arms look big and heavy when they're not.

Right: "RIGHT CHOICE!" A more traditional senior pose, but it compliments the face and leaves the unflattering stuff out of your senior picture.
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Outfits for Senior Pictures Idea #6: Generally, darker long sleeved clothing works better for "traditional" looks.

Outfits for Senior Pictures Idea #7: Sleeveless outfits can make your arms look big. Maybe some guys would like this effect, but we don't recommended these outfits for girls.

Outfits for Senior Pictures Idea #8: Don't wear your glasses if you normally wear contacts. Likewise, don't wear your contacts if you normally wear glasses. Doing a couple of each if you do both is OK.

Outfits for Senior Pictures Idea #9: Generally, bright patterns and colors can be distracting - especially for outdoor senior pictures. If you must wear a bright, colorful outfit... make sure you do another outfit with muted colors and tones for variety.

Outfits for Senior Pictures Idea #10: Accessorize! Make sure your senior photographer lets you bring extra stuff. Sunglasses, hats, scarves, necklaces, shoes, flip-flops, pets, jackets, hooded sweatshirts, belts, ties, musical instruments, books, and any other type of prop. Use them in moderation. Having more "stuff" is not always a good idea.

Outfits for Senior Pictures Idea #11: Layer your outfits! Wearing clothing that you can layer will get you more variety. Example: Wear a sweatshirt hoodie with a different top, polo, or t-shirt underneath. That way you can get senior pictures in the hoodie outfit, take that off, and get some more shots in the shirt or shirts underneath without wasting an outfit change.

Outfits for Senior Pictures Idea #12: Hang your shirts inside-out on their hangers. That way you won't get those weird little bumps from the end of the hangers on your shoulders when you put the shirt on. Turning the shirt inside-out forces those indentations to smooth out instantly when you wear the outfit.

Outfits for Senior Pictures Idea #13: You can take your mom's steam iron to your appointment and steam out wrinkles in seconds. That way you won't have wrinkles in your shirts and pants that can't be fixed without costly retouching.

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