BONUS! More Makeup Tips for Senior Pictures.

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*Bonus Senior Picture Tips from! Suggests that you DO NOT first try these tips the day of your session.

Do your hair and make-up how you think you want it for your pictures, a few days before your session. Practice different looks and find the one that works best. By doing this, you can achieve your best possible
look for your senior pictures without wasting time.

We recommend wearing at least the following:
Eyes - black or brown eyeliner and mascara
(makes eyes more noticeable)
Lips - lip balm or clear lip gloss
(adds definition and shine to the mouth)
Face - translucent powder (helps cut down shine)

Senior Picture Hair and Makeup Tip#1: Don't try a completely new haircut or style for senior pictures. Getting a "make-over" for Senior Pictures can backfire. You may find that you don't like your new look because "you don't look like yourself". Do what comes natural and the results will be more to your liking.

Senior Picture Hair and Makeup Tip#2: Girls: Trends change, but right now just add a little makeup for color and to even out skin tones. If you just add a bit of lip color and some touch-ups on any acne breakouts you should have natural results without looking "made up". If the makeup looks good in the mirror, it should look fine in your senior pictures.

Senior Picture Hair and Makeup Tip#3: A regular can of 99 cent hairspray can save the day if your Senior Pictures are being taken outside on a hot summer day or in a stuffy studio space. DO NOT spray it directly on your hair! Just spray a little bit on your hands and pat down your "flyaway" hairs to make them lie down - you will save yourself the headache and embarrassment of crazy hair in your senior pictures.

Senior Picture Hair and Makeup Tip#4: If you want to give a little more "pop" to your Senior Pictures, use a hair product that has a higher shine rating. It will make the texture of your hairstyle stand out better.

Senior Picture Hair and Makeup Tip#5: Ladies. AVOID high-shine lip gloss. That stuff will make big white "blob" reflections appear on your lips from the gloss. Use a "lustre" or similar if available.

Senior Picture Hair and Makeup Tip#6: (Ladies: This is THE best tip!) When taking Black & White Senior Pictures, wear very Red lip color to make your lips appear darker and more dramatic. Pink shades will only make them look gray and dull.

Senior Picture Hair and Makeup Tip#7: Guys and girls: Dab some makeup or cover up on acne breakouts prior to your session. You can save up to $25 per pose in retouching fees!

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