Your Senior Picture appointment: New for 2013

Senior Pictures Ideas - Appointment Tip#1: Ladies, if your photographer doesn't catch it, make sure you take the hair bands off your wrists. You'll be disappointed in the fees they'll charge to remove what they should have warned you about.

Senior Pictures Ideas - Appointment Tip#2: A little bit of hairspray can make a big difference. See Senior Picture Hair & Makeup tips.

Senior Pictures Ideas - Appointment Tip#3: Ask to have a look at your Senior Pictures as they are being taken. Senior Picture Photographers have lots of digital Senior Picture equipment that may allow you to see the results as they are being taken. If you have the option, you will be able to communicate some of your ideas about your Senior Pictures to your photographer which will make them more YOU. (Beware! Doing this too often will cost you time in front of the camera!)

Senior Pictures Ideas - Appointment Tip#4: Cut out pose samples from fashion and clothing magazines to take with you. Your photographer should be able to recreate some of your pose ideas and create some wonderful senior portraits for you.

Senior Pictures Ideas - Appointment Tip#5: Ask for a drink! You'll get better smiles when you "wet your whistle" from time to time. A dry mouth will actually make your lips stick to your teeth and make your smile look funny. Funny Fact: Top models and pageant contestants use petroleum jelly products to keep this from happening!

What to do before you leave your Senior Picture appointment.

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