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What to do if you are not happy with your high school senior pictures. Follow these tips!

First and foremost, be HONEST. That does NOT mean it's OK to be RUDE to the staff and photographer. Honesty is the best policy, but when combined with rational and civil tones, it works wonders when trying to negotiate business deals in the art world. Using terms like "that's stupid" or "why would you use that ugly thing?" will probably get you nowhere fast... or possibly get yourself shown the door ... and without a refund - because if you're going to bad-mouth them anyway, there's no reason for them not to keep your money...

Professional Senior Picture Photographers are proud of the images they show you, otherwise, they wouldn't show them to you. So, it is not recommended that you start off by telling the salesperson or senior photographer what an idiot they are and start screaming and crying. You're better off to take a deep breath, step back for a moment, and objectively explain WHY you are not happy. Are the poses natural? Does the lighting look professional? Is there anything in the background that is distracting? Things like that are what the photographer can understand, control and should be responsible for... Chances are, if the reason you don't like your images is because the feax-leopard skin tuxedo and the neon-pink feathered hat doesn't turn out looking like you wanted is really not the photographer's fault.

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More of what to do if you are not happy with your high school senior pictures...

Follow our tips!

Getting Senior Picture Retakes: Once you've explained what it is you don't like, the photographer should be able to retake your outfits they way you want them with little trouble. Same outfits, same hairstyle, no additional cost is a fair policy and is widely practiced. If you want to come back with different outfits, change your hairstyle, or add other things - expect to be charged accordingly. It is not fair to make your photographer jump through hoops to please you for free just because you changed your mind about those types of things. Those are things your senior picture photographer can't control and is considered the subject's responsibility to prepare for properly. You wouldn't think your boss is treating you fairly if he/she makes you work weekends for free because they didn't like the color of pen you used on your last report, would you?

Senior Picture Money-Back-Guarantee Policy: This is something you should've checked on before you scheduled. If not, hopefully it's not too late. Most legitimate professional senior picture photographers will offer a full refund if you are unhappy. No questions asked. No hard feelings. The timeliness of you decision and return of any "proofs" you took home plays a big factor. If you have taken a considerable amount of time to decide you don't like them and/or have taken proofs out of their studio for a few days and then returned to demand a full refund, they may feel you have (illegally) copied their work and you may get nothing depending on any documents you signed before "checking out" your proofs. If you haven't, it seems fair that they won't want any more hurt feelings and they'll give a refund. Not-so-professional photographers won't care about the "I'm calling the Better Business Bureau..." or the "I'm telling every parent at the high school..." threats, so don't waste your breath. Just leave and continue calling for the manager/owner and you'll most likely win out in the end. TIP: Use the white pages to find a home number if you fail to get satisfaction at their place of business.